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Virtual fitness is now a category all its own and the perfect addition to any size fitness center. Providing on-demand fitness classes has become an industry standard for most fitness facilities. Optimizing your space and creating a user-friendly solution for your clients is key. Most on-demand fitness providers today require a monthly subscription fee as well as costly wiring and hardware requirements. 


FitX Videos was created to simplify the process of providing an on-demand, virtual fitness solution.  First and foremost, FitX is user-friendly, requires no monthly subscription fee, no monthly connectivity fees and is quick and easily installed in any space. The touchscreen FitX kiosk comes complete with mounting hardware, simple to follow instructions and connects with two wires - a power supply and an HDMI cable for any HDTV.  Complete, professional installation is also available.


Exercise is a way of life and variety is one of the keys to success. FitX Videos helps our clients create a usable, affordable workout space that will deliver optimal variety in fitness classes to all their users. FitX Videos is a perfect on demand solution and a wow factor for your fitness facility!